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My name is Axel (Ernst Gustav) Ufermann. I was born on November 4th, 1979 in the beautiful town of Buchholz i.d.N located 20 miles southbound of Hamburg. I grew up there and attended Primary School and Highschool. I received my A-levels/Highschool degree in 1999, taking majors in German an History, minors in Mathematics and Social Science. My Highschool was the "Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium" in Buchholz.

After having three months off to shoot the breeze I joined the German Air Force for compulsory  military service, taking part in a two months basic training in Bayreuth, the city of Wagner. Eight more months I had to spent in Ahlhorn, located close to Oldenburg at an Airbase for Patroit Defense Missiles.

In summer 2000 I took part in two intership programes at regional and local newspapers before I began my studies at the Uiversity of Hanover in October 2000. I am currently studying History and Political Science, expecting to graduate in spring 2006, with an envisaged degree as a Master of Arts (called Magister). My final thesis deals with the financial constitution of the kingdom of Hanover in the 19th century.

As a part time job I am working for the Erasmus/Soctrates Exchange Programe as an assisstent for the Departmental Coordinator at the History Department, also as a tutor for foreign students and as assistant for the general secretary of the History Department.

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